Rain Rain save some pain

Rainwater harvesting is something thats supposed to have worked for Chennai, and can help alleviate the looming water crisis over all cities large and small as the population gets more and more concentrated in these places. Local/micro level water management is probably wayy cheaper and more effective. Each house, apartment and office should strive to do its bit.

Shubha’s been on a sabbatical from her formal job and volunteered to work with the RWC. Its been a great journey and awesome learning so far, from whatever I gather. Its help build marketings skills, a nose for business issues and been a source of a great deal of satisfaction. There is something about a desk bound job not directly connected to the “real world” that gets to you once in a while, and volunteering for such jobs for a short/long/permanent duration may actually help individuals in multiple ways.

If anyone is thinking of doing anything towards rainwater harvesting, do visit the website or write in to rainwaterclub — A*T — gmail –DOHT– com


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