So the MNS now does Maharashtra Nirmaan by targeting Northerners. Sure that’ll help build a much better state! Migrant labour, newer ideas, wider participation are only impediments in the way of progress and success.

How often have fringe ideologies managed to hijack the polity – and get a quiet nod from so many who’re not really supportive, but agree anyways cause they’d rather not disagree, or have some obliquely connected biases ?

  • Is language for communication, or domination? Is it worth burdening it as a vessel of culture etc if that causes a breakdown in communication itself ?
  • Whats with this whole outsider/insider paranoia ? Are the insiders always more concerned about their city/state? [ If so Bangalore would be much better run 🙂 ] Why are some outsiders so defensive and end being abrasive, not knowing how to handle their initial discomfort at what they cannot understand upfront ? Why is there so much digging up of trenches and hardlines ?
  • Everyone seems too keen to believe in the myths about the “other”. I just read on some blog’s comments that “Hindi speakers have a superiority complex”. Would’ve never guessed that – in fact the average Southie is looked up to as a learned, law abiding, religious, vegetarian up north – again a rather generalized prototype. Benefit of doubt, people ?
Diversity is a good thing (imagine having the same food, same songs, same everything wherever you go – would feel like the US!) – but the way its being used right now – for hardline ethic identities – makes one wonder if our nation deserves that. Go the strict French way and abolish any signs of difference ? Adhere only to the one Indian-ness and ban everything else – at least from the state’s point of view ? Crappy and quasi-comunist, of course, but what else do a people who cannot celebrate difference and only live in fear of imagined demons that the “other” might be deserve ?

Sad. Very very sad.


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