Akshat’s first bike trail

This was organized by some really enthu bikers from bangalore-bikers@googlegroups.com. 12+kms x 4 laps was the full race – and I thought it would be both inspiring and fun for Akshat to see a bunch of riders and a real trail.

Perfect weather, and Akshat managed to get up in the nick of time. We filled up on fluids, chocolates and were off. Took him through the bigger roads rather nervously – he has not yet figured out directional control that well – and made it to the starting point ok – about 2.5 kms from home. Over the next half hour over 25 people joined, and Akshat was easily the youngest of the lot!

Ravi and gang had been working hard, recce’ing the trail and marking it in detail for the rest of us – and there were arrangements for a toolkit, snacks and I even got a spare helmet. We started off around 9 – and everyone pretty much dissapeared within minutes while I kept pace with Akshat to get him comfortable riding given the new bike and new terrain. we soon hit a major stretch of slush, which he found extremely tough to negotiate – and perseverance on his part and some motivational effort on mine saw him not only carry on, but with a firm resolve to just ride through any slush he encountered later!


The trail was a great mix of slush, tarmac, grassy flats, tracks along lakes, hard rocky bits, a small ‘drop’, and a ride through closely planted trees – and well marked with chalk signs all the way.

Akshat completed a full lap – a little over 12kms – and was not too tired at the end. I did another lap by myself – a lot quicker – and then headed home. Total ride for the day – 30kms for me and 17 for Akshat – not bad for a first attempt 🙂

A great way to spend a Sunday morning. Most importantly, Akshat proved to be a way better rider and showed much better stamina than I’d expected.

Edit: Some trail pix courtesy Pradeep.


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