Bangalore Commute Data Update

Update for this:

  • 66 responses so far.
  • 51.5% ppl commute
  • 56% take the car(25.8%)/2 wheeler. And this survey first went out to a cyclists’ (15.2%) list
  • 71% people have divided roads – Bangalore sure has improved. A mere 10.6% have unpaved surfaces enroute.
  • 30.3% folks go at 8-9am, another 30.3% at 9-10am
  • 77% people leave bet 5-8pm. Shows on the roads
  • Average Speeds: 37.9%
  • 30.8% ppl encounter a jam once a day, 29.2% find multiple jams everyday
  • 65%+ folks do groceries within a km! Thats nice. Walk ? Drive ?
  • 39.4% exercise rarely, another 24.4% only “sometimes”

Will put the details up once it crosses 100.


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