First "weekend" ride

Finally managed to do a weekend ride around Sarjapura Road this morning. Apartment – Hosa Road – left at the end towards Huskur – Continued straight towards the road on which Vakil Township etc are – then Dommasandra. Had IVC there – and headed back via DPS – some back roads – Sarjapura Road. 30 easy-riding kilometres in all. The stretch just before Huskur was pure off roading fun.



Saurabh/Trek 4300 V
Arvind/Trek 6500 D
Sameer/Merida SUB 40 V

Total time: 1Hr 40 mins including the breakfast break.
Average riding speed as per my Trek cyclometer: 17.4

Next week target : 50kms hopefully.

Pic: Saurabh rides up in a light drizzle as a I take a break.


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