Secure! Sanitize! Lockdown!

What is this ? The 21st century ? One might have predicted the obsolescence of armed forces as we knew them around WWII by now. Nopes, now target/hostiles/rdx etc are part of everyday vocabulary. Common citizens, and even kids, are familiar with the tools and methods of terrorism, and counter-terrorism, and counter-counter-insurgency, and warfare.

Whats wrong with the human race ? Our grey matter seems to manage way more negative than positive. I cannot understand for the life of me how that little mass of tissue inside the cranium can generate and carry around so much hatred – towards something or someone, that you can merrily destroy whatever crosses your path. Pretty effed up.

And the reaction now is equally scary. Yeah its necessary, but its already terrible to get frisked, have your bags checked at airports, and at malls, and for movies, and perhaps the neighbourhood grocer next. Its stressful, and a little irritating, and the lack of trust everyone has of everyone else slowly starts eating you from within.

Sure its required, and the enemy has forced it upon us, but see, the enemy is already winning.

Of course, its dumb to not take these precautions – after all every life is worth saving at whatever cost.

Is it ? Sure, sounds correct. But I don’t really know upto what extent. The loss of innocence, the militarization of civilization, the omniscience of suspicion and “security-checks” – its all depressing. Stick to your friends, stay at home, retire to a small nondescript hamlet which is hopefully not a “potential target” – these seem to be the options.

Freedom ?

Used to love the carefreeness I’ve always associated with the word. I see it going, slowly.

At the same time, we claim to work towards freedom for those who have it not, and are chained by a variety of means. We’re inventing a few ourselves now. New bottle, similar wine.

Damn the terrorists. Damn the fear. Almost damn the human brain.

Sorry, felt like a little rant this morning.


Now that I got that out of my system – the thought occurs that hard policing – including the heavy duty frisking and metal detectors and checks are probably the least effective methods of countering those seeking to strike terror. I cannot imagine the metal detectors at Forum, for instance, being of much use against someone determined to destroy lives and property.

The oft repeated “better intelligence” and “co-ordination” are probably less visible and more effective methods that avoid keeping the “terror” alive.

Though, given the complexity and size of the country, a few will slip the fingers. Oh well….


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