Longer TFN Ride

Was earlier planning to do the Tour of Nilgiris days 3-5 but just decided to do days 1 and 2 as well! Thats a total of between 450-500kms – part of it I may do in support vehicles since I want to really really do the Ooty climb and not get too tired before that.

Now I’m not sure I’ve trained enough. A short 60km ride last weekend felt quite easy, but multiple days of sustained long distances is a totally different deal.

The reasons for doing this ?

  • God knows when next
  • 25th is a holiday, and I’d have taken a bus on the 26th morning anyhow
  • I have done 2 150km rides…. (touch wood)
  • The road tyres have given hope
  • Shubha said “do it”
  • The Ambulance, Physio, the promise of the “sports massage” and Dr Chandra’s words which assured they’d keep us going 🙂
  • Company – you often can do more
  • Support vehicles – plan to not push too hard on days 1 & 2. Esp day 1.
Let’s see how this goes….

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