The Flush, Redux

Shubha filled up a one litre plastic bottle and plonked it inside the cistern this morning. The flush works as good as it did earlier – and each full flush needs a full litre lesser!

Now assuming just 5 full flushes everyday, for each of the 152 homes at Redwoods….

Thats 5×152 = 760 litres a day
or 22800 litres a month!
i.e. 22800/6000 = 3.8 tankers a month!
or 277400 litres a day
i.e. 46+ tankers a year!
At 400 a tanker, thats nearly 18.5k saved

And it probably more than just 5 flushes a day per home. Plus, there’s the overall awareness about water usage. other “tricks” – smaller buckets, shorter showers (as someone put it – shower for less time than it takes to fill your bucket up!), reusing the “waste” from the Reverse Osmosis water purifiers most have installed.


One comment

  1. Vishvas Deshmukh

    very ingenious cheap way to conserve water. Deservs publicity and a prize !

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