Whither Bangalore ?

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : Gangs attack women in ???western attire???

Horrible – and while I’m trying hard to not be biased, such elements seem to have been emboldened under the present government. I was optimistic when the government had changed and we’d gotten rid of the Gowda family and related uncertainty – but given their silence and inaction on these kind of issues makes me less certain Bangalore will continue to be as friendly as civilized under them. Its really a fringe element of society/polity, and it’ll be sad if they’re allowed to terrorize and radicalize a friendly place like this.

This entire outside/insider cr@p these guys rake up, and then proceed to target lone women for, is such a fraudaulent issue. This has been my home for 13 years now, including the coffee, people, weather, and the adjust maadi comfort one gets here – and its scary to see these lumpen narrowminded allowed freedom to roam the streets and tell people where they should live, what they should wear, who they’re permitted to meet and what God they can and cannot pray to. Mangalore seems to have been under this terror for a while now, and I guess they want their influence to spread. Unless the good folks of Bangalore (or even Mangalore) stand up and resist – and the report doesn not inspire confidence wrt that – we’ll just let these louts take over completely.

Mr. Yeddiurappa, whose side are you on ? Loud and clear, please, for once.


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