Some I’ve noted. No its not irritating etc – just amusing how many have used these “incorrectly” and I’m guessing the latter won’t even be true in another decade or so – quite like “prepone”.

  • loose/lose
  • voila/viola
  • off the mark/of the mark (and similar contexts) [ The Outlook’s latest issue has this too! ]
  • advice/advise [ of course used interchangeably 🙂 ]
  • consist of/comprise [ I’ve been corrected to “comprise of” instead of comprise, in a doc! ]

If you know more – comment maadi.

The one thats become popular already, and does get my goat :

  • my bad (my bad what ?)

Then there’s the very Bangalorean

  • by the by

which is both a little irksome and a little cute.

[ Oh well, I’m probably just getting old 🙂 ]

Seriously, language is a dynamic, living organism. Nothing proves it like these changes as more populations adopt one. So Messrs Wren & Martin, stop turning in your graves.


Part of the reason (the more recent trigger being the Outlook) was this thread on BikesZone, where I added:

Advice for Advise ?
Which the Verb, which the Noun,
“Stadiums” reprimanded
“Prepone” gets a frown!
Ah the English Nazis march,
Love Queen’s Desi tho
Want to break free.

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