Our e-port card so far

Having become more “enlightened” citizens, we’ve been trying to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Here’s a few things achieved, and a few more to go.

+ I cycle to work 90%+ of the time
+ We reuse the “waste” water ejected by the RO filter
+ The automatic dryer is strictly for emergencies – not switched on for ages now
+ Try and aggressively avoid “standby mode” for TV/Home theatre/chargers – still left on 30% of the time tho 😦
+ Determined to do fewer kilometers on the car. Working out very well, thank you!
+ Been trying to promote cycling in our circle of influence, and beyond. Decent success.

– Cannot seem to reduce geyser usage. Love warm water, and attempts at minimizing time switched on have failed.
– Have not revived attempts towards en-mass adoption of solar heating in our apartment complex
– Have failed in attempt towards getting apartment to optimize usage of diesel for backup gensets
– The Standby Switchoff is only a partial success – needs more work
– Plastic usage is still not low. There’s so much that comes packaged in plastic from the stores 😦

Overall, pleased – but there’s scope for improvement.


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