Those Who Did It

Be the Change.

The soundbite is easy enough. The followup is often tough. Could be for the environment, could be for personal health, or choices one makes that are not the norm, non-conformist, even rebellious.

I’m going to try and do some coverage of people who’ve gone ahead and embraced change in their own small way. No major social impact, no media-interest stories – but more “I did it because it made sense to me” despite the reasons and excuses to not do it.

The change itself could be about the environment, or kids’ schooling, or alternative careers, or different lifestyles. Anything – that takes some thinking through, conviction and courage to follow up on.

Format : I’ll write a short note on what I thought impressed me, and answers to a few questions I pose to the person. Apart from this, no constraints. If you have some folks in mind, or want to ask a few questions for stuff you’ve been meaning to do yourself, let me know.

As a class, we in the GIMC are reasonably cynical and change/improvement are usually someone else’s responsibility. Hopefully a few stories of small, one-off changes that people made will spark something off…


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