Whats It Done ?

I have be cycling for a little over a year now. Whats it achieved and what have I gotten out of this ? A list…

The SUB 40 at CCD, and Shubha’s SUB 5 at 2/3 Coffee

  • I’m fitter, and a little leaner. Don’t catch a cold as easily, and even feel less cold.
  • I’m more “weather friendly”. Don’t mind a little sweat, or rain, or chill.
  • My eyes opened up to public transport since I now find the car/motorbike cumbersome in the city!
  • Bangalore has shrunk! I’ve been to places I’ve avoided for years.
  • I’ve spoken to many more cops, and even other regular folks.
  • Our fuel bill has gotten much smaller.
  • Sold one of the motorbikes.
  • Made tons of new friends.
  • Have seen numerous new places, even on roads I’ve zipped past hundreds of times.
  • Saw the entire Nilgiris at the most relaxed pace ever.
  • Have become a lot more aware about our carbon footprint.

And ever since I lost the speedo – have cycled in a much more relaxed way 🙂

Update: Damn I almost forgot one of the most important ones:

  • I get to eat all the dessert I want 😀

[ Tracking my rides here. ]


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