Time. And Money.

For a while now, I’ve been mentioning to people that for the next raise/job change, they could ask for the hike/ compensation partly in time. After all, we all repeat sooo often that age old adage – time is money – that its time we put some money where our time is 🙂

Here’s a good one I read in the context of some very very compelling reasons to take up cycling :

…why spend loads of time working to pay for the car to get to work to pay for the car

What you choose to do with that time is then the next question. It could be spent on places you’ve wanted to go to, books you wanted to read, or relearning how to play the guitar, or even just spending more time with your kids (at least till such time that they tolerate your company 🙂 ) You could finally start executing on those amazing ideas you’ve had. You could go back to school to acquire some additional skills!

How ? A few hours a day ? An extra day a week ? A few months a year ? Different jobs will suit different plans. And it also depends on what you want to do – you can hardly do that trans-Himalayan-unsupported-trek a few hours a week.

The really really tough one is to have a somewhat clear understanding of your financial situation, and the discipline to arrive at an appropriate tradeoff between Time and Money, the two parts to that whole equation. You’ll need to fund the “time-off”, plus the thing you want to do during that time. But usually, we can, and just go overboard on the “need more” front. More often than not, we’re not too clear on how much of the latter we need/want/can use, and end up overstocking on, at the cost of the former. Its just a way of playing safe.

But safe isn’t fun, is it ?


Right after the post – read this. Slightly unrelated, but appropriate 🙂 Cannot say this has not crossed my mind! Oh, the strength….

Update #2:

Just saw this (recvd thru a tweet). Can’t agree more. And for all of those – you need to invest – time!


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