Water We Thinking?

Need to solve some of these:

  1. Storage. Single most expensive component of rainwater harvesting systems. Sintex tanks ain’t cutting it.
  2. Demand reduction
  3. Wastewater : its water + muck. The good news – Filtering this is a solved problem! So how do we create micro-water-cycles with only evaporation losses so we pump out as little “waste” water as we can. Basically, reduce the delta needed everyday as a household, community and fix #2 differently!

If you have ideas, do let @rainwaterclub and @zenrainman know!



  1. suresh bhagavatula

    hi sameer, can one use an existing well which is dry most of the year as a rain water sump?

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah thats practiced right now. But that has a few limitations as well – seepage based on how dry the area is.

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