The Bangalore Book Fair

We usually baulk at travelling as far as the Palace Grounds for events, what with the crazy traffic and parking hassles, and schedule co-ordnination with schools, music classes, and what not.

But have not been to a book fair, and the opportunity to see one, especially on a Sunday, was too much of a call.

Despite the persistent drizzle, the drive was easy and we got to Palace Grounds without any blood pressure issues. And got parking quite easily. And the entrance tickets were only 20/- each, and only for people over 10 years of age! Awesome!

The book fair itself was huge, with endless stalls from local bookstores, publishers, online bookstores and even a library or two. While a lot of the stuff was the usual books with a small discount here and there, we got lucky at some of the stalls. One guy from Delhi had an especially great colelction of hardcover novels – all going at a 100/- each! I also found a great book to help understand symbols used across India – in sculpture, paintings, ceremonies – for a mere 50/-! The kids, as always, found a whole lot that interested them. We even picked up something from the store there and meeting them, as always, was a pleasure.

Perhaps the fear of driving to Palace Grounds will be lesser from now – especially on Sunday mornings. I really wish there were such events around our part of town though.

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