The Water Miser Foot Tap


We recently installed a WATER MISER foot tap – details??here?? (

There a is pedal that is installed near the basin, when you pump the pedal – you have water in the tap. Its costs Rs 650/- (including installtion). We installed one at home in the common bathroom – and the kids loved it. Initially there were some leaks setting it up but the water miser staff was very prompt and fixed it. I think there is water saving – especially when we soap our hands and wash it/kids brush etc

A pic of our home installation attached. You can contact Chetan (9620483436) for more details. He actually comes around and does the installation too.

You are also most welcome to come and take a look at our home installation.??
Is anybody aware of any other vendor for a similar product ???



  1. Glifford

    Really surprising how long they took to figure this out! It is such a simple ergonomic answer to hygiene problems.Have you seen the wash basins in operations theatres? The have long handles so docs can open/close taps with their elbows! Where was the foot operated tap hiding all this while?

  2. Dharni

    Great idea!

  3. Sushma Gowda.L

    I run a company called GREEN TECHNOLOGIES,we do sell and install foot taps for both domestic and commercial places…this is a wonderful product for both cleanliness (hygiene) and to conserve water , which is very precious and scarce in this regard we also deal with dual flush cisterns which consumes 65% less water compared to the normal flushs. this also helps to save a lot of water as we don need the same amount of water when we urinate and otherwise. this will inturn reduce your water bills.we also undertake power and water audits for both domestic and commercial places. if interested and for more details contact us on the below 9742623556 :9844348741

  4. Maj. Devendra Singh

    Bravo!!!It’s a great innovation indeed.Kudos to Watemiser/Chetan and his team for showing what a difference we can make by putting a little thought in our daily life.cheers!

  5. Anonymous

    That???s really great to hear, it always feels good to install new <a href="">basin taps</a> at home. That???s really a great idea to save water, especially when kids are using water. The best part is that it is affordable too. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

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