How to plan your finances sessions

I’m no finance whiz, and definitely not an investment-geek.

But I think I have figured out how to plan finances long term, and make money work for you as opposed to working for money. Long term goals, the true meaning of risk vs return, why your huge salary hardly leaves you with any liquidity, etc etc.

I did a quick run-through for a pal, and my brother recently. And so far, it seems to be helping clear the clouds. 

So here’s the deal – if you think you need help, and are ready to share – in strict confidence – your numbers, I’ll give you 3 hours of my time at 1500/- and coffee and help you make some sense of it. Its not too much cash, and I’m hardly trying to make a career out of this, but I would like you to take this session really seriously, and only if you want to shake things up a bit.

The advice will NOT be about the exact financial instruments you should or should not invest in – cause (a) there’s professionals for that sort of a thing and (b) there’s legal requirements to be able to do that. It WILL be about how you look at your goals, vs income, vs cash flows, vs savings plans, etc. It’ll be about planning life from “here” to 85, or so. 

Who should even consider this ? You’re probably not “already there” financially, still need to meet a plenty of goals and could even have some liabilities, and might have given financial structuring a shot or two without really having a good solid grip on things. Over this session, hopefully that’ll improve. At the end of it, you should have a layman’s spreadsheet that helps you plan, understand and track the finances, including upsides and downsides, etc. It’ll help you make better choices without financial imprudence, or, otoh, needless tight-fistedness!

This is crazy, but since I thought of it yesterday, I thought I must offer it. Let me know if you think it might help. If its just 1500/- down the drain, think of it as a bad movie + lousy dinner date 😀

Addendum : of course, Bangalore only, and you’ll need to come over to someplace around Sarjapura Road/ORR/Koramangala/HSR

And of course, to reach me, use Nine-Eight-Four-5-Won Eight-Oh-Two-Oh-7 or get doht sameer aht gmail

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