A few minutes at a bus stop

I stood at the stop near the HSR BDA complex, on the Outer Ring Road, today.??

Since I had time, and nobody to speak with, thoughts crossed my head, and I saw many things. Amongst them –
  • Damn, soooo many one-person cars. Drivers with the owner do not count.??
  • That ONE Volvo has as many people as the 40 cars I can see occupying road space from here till wherever!
  • Who threw these bus tickets/cigarette packets/wrappers around ? Do we have the slightest right to crib about governance ?
  • All this road work is so we can have more people drive in cars alone, and then start needing more road space ? Dumb.
  • Bangalore still has lovely weather.
  • The traffic and construction dust is killing it though.
  • Thank God for the many who take the buses. Esp those who could've otherwise been in cars.
  • Hmm, no 'choice' cyclists in the 20 minutes I've been here. Still a tiny minority, obviously. Or they take a better route!
  • Why does everyone honk so much when it has absolutely no impact! Frustration, I guess.

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