In the city, we depend on so??many??people, systems, organizations to just get on with life. Yet we pretend we have complete independence, and giving or taking help is usually after much thought, calculation and consideration. We cannot grow our own food, we cannot manage our own waste, we cannot get our own water, and more and more, we cannot even cook a decent percentage of our meals. We've invented this thing called 'currency' and ideas of 'fair value' and transact in it, often hiding the dependence, and the interactions without which the currency or the value we associate with the transaction are pretty useless.??

Out there in the village, and I suspect even in smaller towns to some extent, people still manage more of their lives directly. Yet the dependence is more 'out in the open', acknowledged, and included in social interactions. There's less of the 'I don't need anyone' and 'let me not inconvenience anyone'.??


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