This is very very critical information – please do watch the full video.

We often worry about plastics, and sometimes about garbage strewn visibly. But the whole picture is so scary. And even scarier is our lack of action on this, and the attitude of "oh but I've paid my taxes" and "out of sight, out of mind" that seems to define our approach.

Shall we set a few personal goals ? And maybe derive a few apartment/community level ones from the same ?
  • Start with the most important of them all – segregate. Yeah for starters "it'll all get mixed later" is true, but keep doing it anyway.
  • Lets send out as little organic waste in the bins as we can. Compost??at home ?
  • Reduce the "throw the trash out" frequency to a third of what it is ? Given that 60-70% is organic, this should be doable!
  • Get into the recycling food chain. I'm gonna try and find out resources on this and update, for Bangalore.
  • As communities, explore biogas options ? What are those usable for ?
I do think larger and larger hordes of us having become "consumers" is a self-destruct mode as far the planet and species is concerned. Personally, we'll try and bring some changes to our lives, at the least. The composting and lowered trash-disposal happen to a certain extent already, but probably not as aggressively as should be given our responsibility as citizens of our city and planet.


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