The Mantri Mall : Have We Gone Nuts ?

This is incredible. First they plan, permit and actually build a gigantic Mall in the worst possible location. And then immediately throw tantrums with a sense of entitlement! They want space for a 1000 more cars, and sorry bus folks, you’re not welcome here.??

(click on the above pic for the Bangalore Mirror article)

The sense of priorities is so clear, and so screwed up.

We don’t need parks.
Or bus stops.

We need malls.
And more parking for private cars.
So we can all drive more and more and more and more of us can do it.
So we choke the damn air with carbon.
And to hell with buses, pedestrians, cycles,
And to hell with perspective.
We need more selling, and more buying.

Damn, I might start sounding like a left-leaning bozo. But the truth is, this sense of entitlement on top of extreme short-sightedness, chasing the wrong set of goals and the blind belief in the glitz people have seen someplace without understanding the implications is beginning to get to me.??

I do not expect better of Mantri and other developers, cause they’d rather do this, but all ye others who are responsible for the city, and profess love for it, whither ?

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