Road Widening and Homeowner Pains

The BBMP has marked 216 roads for widening.

As someone has tweeted recently, widening roads for increasing traffic is akin to loosening one's belt as a solution for obesity.

How long will this help ? Wider roads – smoother traffic for a while – encourages more to drive – back to square one! A year's benefit, at most ? The sprawl problems in city after city have proven beyond doubt that merely wider roads are no solution for traffic issues. To make people lose their homes, land, etc permanently for a short term gain is extremely duh. Especially when done by an authority which has not shown that its solutions have actually improved traffic sustainably in any part of town. the Silk Board, Bannerghata Circle, Nimhans stretch – all are as bad as ever. Traffic has a way of catching up real quick. Without demonstrating a more wholesome plan for a long term traffic management solution, its downright horrible to destroy homes etc.??

There's another point to the whole story. Even if widening work does happen, it should not??be done for private transport. The extra space needs to be marked for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. There are many stretches – Haralur Road where we live being one such – where walking is a nightmare, and there is a proposal to make it wider so vehicles can zip even faster. Its a recipe for more pedestrian fatalities in the imminent future.

My home is not impacted by this TDR mess, but I fully intend to lend my voice and support to those who're protesting this. BBMP, grow up and think of solutions. You cannot fight cancer using band aids, and certainly not band aids that help the growth of that cancer itself!


  1. Sagar

    With the current state of traffic in Bangalore road widening is unavoidable. I see ambulances stuck in kilometer long lines daily when coming back from office; although that goes back to your point of widening roads for public transport and so on. Add emergency services to that list 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I think road widening in most inner city is absolute stupidity. BBMP should take lessons from old European Cities, where the old city is as it is and has very robust public transport (not wide roads, actually most roads are very narrow cobblestone). They don’t destroy heritage just to make wider roads!Can you imagine they want to widen Infantry Road? For what? It is a business area and not a super highway. Many businessmen will lose a lot of prime space for a road, for people to zip through? Instead parking should be better managed and people should be urged to walk (with sufficient support for the less abled and aged). Parking is absolute stupidity in prime shopping areas like Brigade Road, Commercial Street and Church Street. Should be centralised and OFF the road!

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