Like that cigarette packs carry warnings, and scary pictures.

Shouldn't car ads show the 2.3kgs of CO2 ?
Shouldn't "convenient" sachets and packaging show the mountains of plastic piled up everywhere ?
Shouldn't the super-floor-cleaners, and soaps, and detergents, carry "screwing-your-groundwater" signs ?
Shouldn't food mention the pesticides used ?

Its all about convenient truths or inconvenient lies. Some, we just ignore.??

Of course I do not support smoking. I'm just saying we need to apportion our horror and disgust to other equally worrying problems as well. Irrespective of how benign advertising and media messages makes them seem (esp car ads!)


  1. Anu

    Although your intention is valid, I think printing statutory disclaimers or facts is of little use. There should be some form of additional "Environment Protection" tax or something similar for people to get the message.

  2. Anonymous

    @Anu, oh yeah, never for a moment meant that there really should be signs for this that and everything. Just wanted to bring out how we ignore the ills of so much we consume, just because the marketing message either tells us how cool it is, or forgets to create the real picture around it.

  3. Anonymous

    Its time for some honesty ratings. Something like the energy star ratings?

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