The kids need a better world.

Better broadband ?
Better digital interfaces ?
More connected online communities ?
Cooler handhelds ?
Quicker cars ?

Or cleaner air ?
Water ? (Man, this one is getting close.)
Livable cities ?

What do we leave behind ?
Plastic hills ?
Fenced, protected, expensive fresh water sources ?
Bubbles of glass inside which breathing is possible ?
Anger, despair, anxiety as the collective consciousness ?

Will they mock us ?
Curse ?
Deride our shortlived choices ?
Our escapist mechanisms to cope with threats ?
The generations that did not stand and fight and solve.
But escaped into the nether.
Created money, and used it to hide the sins.

Our lifespans are a curse, I read somewhere.
Looks like the curse is on our kids. And we're responsible.

I'm just wondering if there's a breaking point someplace and if we're all Neros.

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