The government, the government

Everything is wrong because the government does nothing.


Thats our reaction to, and way and extent of dealing with issues that we come face to face with, and having done this, continuing whatever it is we were doing earlier.??
The environment is not the government’s responsibility. Its ours. We either encourage, or let the government do certain things and so they happen. We clamour for better roads because we collectively have faster, better, more driving as a goal we’ve acquired from our trips to the western world, and want to see that here.
The GoI has implemented a whole lot of laws for controlling pollution, protecting forests, etc.
We – citizens – homeowners, industrial stakeholders, consumers, car drivers, etc – try our damndest to maintain status quo, not disturb things and even circumvent these efforts unless for a direct positive material impact on our lives.
The BMTC has improved bus services manifold, both in terms of quantity and quality. Yet we continue forwarding one excuse or the other to avoid giving up on our perception of “convenience” in our own cars. Inertia is dearer to us than the condition of the species and the planet going forward.
We ape bad retail habits we have seen in the west merely because they seemed cool there, and we are too shy/lazy to stand out refusing plastic to put each individual vegetable purchase into before getting it weighed at our malls. Blame the government for that too ?
Sure these are small steps, but there’s little hope of evolving the right collective goals, pushing the government towards real positive change, etc, from a population thats by and large content living off unsustainable behaviour for short term gains, and considering finger pointing as adequate contributiuon.
Somewhere, I fear the future will treat us with irritated scorn and??incredulous disbelief for our shortsightedness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Its really sad state of affairs. If you read old literature about India, it has always been about sustaining the environment in various forms – be they gods, or cultural practicies. However, the Anglicized India is or a different mindset. They just dont care – be it the govt or the public. Someplaces govt and public do come together – where it is beneficial for all. Case in point – the Delhi Metro.

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