Experiment. Help Me Choose A Phone

I usually think of the next phone when the current one breaks, is lost, stops working, etc. But recent Android devices have caught my attention and I have been thinking. Also want to run an experiment on how the community might be able to help me decide.

Need: Replacement for my old, but perfectly alright E65
Want: Android
Budget: As low as possible, max around the 15k mark
Used/new – either’s fine.
Need upgradability (why buy an Android otherwise)
Not likely to be a very heavy web user, camera doesn’t matter much. Don’t hear music much either.
Would like to use apps. Not that I’ve managed to use any so far despite a few downloads.

So. Do I need an upgrade at all ? Wait ? Buy now ? What ? Will I ever pay for pricey 3G plans ?
Have taken a peek at the Samsung Spica, HTC Tattoo, and Sony Xperia X10 Mini.

Comments, suggestions, advice, etc, please.


  1. Gowri Satya

    Android in general is a little sluggish so I suggest you go for the fastest processor available – which right now is the Snapdragon 1Ghz. Also, HTC is the top brand for Android phones, followed at a distance by Motorola. I wouldn’t suggest Samsung or LG….. Another thing to make sure is that its upgradable to 2.1.

  2. Anonymous

    Sluggish, compared to the e65? Wouldn’t all phones be upgradable, by definition (sorry if that sounds dumb, but I’ve become too used to Ubuntu)?

  3. Gowri Satya

    Haven’t used e65 so can’t comment – its slower in comparison to iPhone.The phones would be upgradable, but the ‘official’ android version may or may not be available for a particular phone hardware – so u either make sure to buy a phone that has the latest 2.1 upgrade available or be prepared to install ‘unofficial’ os’s like Cyanogen – which is not at all a bad idea if you like mucking around a bit.

  4. Anonymous

    Hmm, it does look like all the Androids <15k are not worth it. Th only one with consistently good reviews is the Xperia X10 mini, but the battery’s not replaceable! I guess a few more months….

  5. Anonymous

    Why upgrade if your phone is doing fine and you don’t see too much web usage?It doesn’t suit your "image" 🙂

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