US vs Al Qaida/Osama : Just to balance perspectives

In the aftermath of US Seals taking out their #1 Wanted – Osama Bin Laden, there was a gut wrenching mention by President Obama of what it meant to all the people who had family members missing from around the dinner table.??

Do spare a thought to all the people who went missing from dinner tables (figuratively, not all of them probably even had one of those at home) across homes in Iraq, the funkily named "AfPak" border, and assorted other regions in which the very fuzzy war on terror has been fought. Some reports put the number at close to 900,000 non-combatants killed! The fact that they were not in one building that a bunch of crazies took out does not make the loss any lesser for their families.??

Its always less black and white than big spiel machines would have you think, isn't it ?

The US has again reinforced a precedent which basically lets militarily more powerful nations randomly step into other sovereign nations to carry out justice – the UN and affected nation be damned. If you really think of it, thats probably what the jerks that executed the 9/11 attacks thought they were doing as well 😦 Civilian deaths – as seen from either side – are collateral damage in the pursuit of "larger goals". What is the big difference ???

In the long run, power – economic or military – is a merry go round. So at some point there will be a nation either overtly or covertly capable of stepping into the territories of other nations, including the US, and meting out whatever they think is "justice". Will that be ok ???

A lot many criticize India's actions – it does not hang killers the next day, it does not openly step into foreign territory to hunt down perpetrators of crime against its citizens. But somewhere, I see a point in this approach. We cannot like the lawless elements we're trying to shut down and give legitimacy to their methods by doing so.??

And we just should not dismiss or ignore the loss of 900,000 people as we talk about closure for 3000. Both suffered because of misplaced beliefs, shortsighted and insensitive methods, and for no fault of their making.

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