Money Controls

We celebrated our daughter’s birthday party a while ago. The first instinct, as always, was to outsource as much as possible. But given the lean philosophy at home, we decided to do as much DIY as possible. Except Pizza – which the kids wanted a specific flavour of – its all in house. Alankrita wanted a disco-themed party – and we created the dance floor, lights and effects, and the kids even made some sort of a strobe with reflective stuff pasted onto a box! We redid our picture wall for the party, and the cake was homemade as well. Even the return gift – which we had to figure out with some effort – was not a usual one, and the kids have come back saying they liked using them.

The whole experience put into perspective the growing role we’ve let money play in our lives. It gives a strange sense of growth, and power, and often inhibits what we really really enjoy doing at our core. We could have outsourced the entire arrangements, or bought most of the stuff we made. We could’ve said “who has the time?” and shrugged it off. But the current need for financial prudence gave it all that little push towards DIYs, putting in effort and time instead of money, and doing fun stuff together as a family. 

Togetherness, the pleasure and satisfaction of doing stuff with your own hands, spending time with the family and teaching the kids that you are not merely a consumer – how can we not have time for these things?


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