On the passing away of an auto-driver

Not too long ago, our old maid lost her brother – an autowala  – in a road accident. They constantly live on a financial edge, and little things set them back substantially. The guy was at Nimhans where they spent 20k, and then they moved him to ESI Indiranagar which they know is a lousy place, and corrupt – but its the costs which kill. The brother died after a couple of days in hospital. 

The whole family had taken time off for 3-4 days. Within a couple of days, neighbours had called up to ask if she was back at work. 

We have so much, yet worry about little drops in our portfolios. 20k is what a good cellphone would cost. It set a family back by a couple of years or more, at a time when they’re grieving anyhow. Its so easy to help them out, yet gets so difficult.

Maine har kadam pe socha
Mere paas kuchh kam hai.
Jo hai woh to hai hi
Jo na hai us ka gham hai
Har kisi ki tamanna meri khwaish ban gayi

Kisi ke din ruk gaye
Jab kisi ki saanse ruk gayee
Chhoti si thokar maut bani
Kamar jhuk gayee
Ik din utha to khabar suni ye maine

Meri chhoti chhoti fikrein
Achanak nochti hain
Khud ke haath bandhein hain kyun
Ye sochti hain
Itnein bebas to nahi hai hum sabhi

Kyun chala chala rah pe jo itni aage dekhe
Par kaun gira aur kaun ruka uski na soche ?
Kyun darta hoon koshish se haath badhane ki
Mere dar ki keemat hai kisi ki zindagi


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