London Fires

London portends an ominous warning for all of us.??

Its not a happy world. Not too long ago, we'd have taken poverty/tough times in our stride and been thankful for whatever we got when we did.??

Our current growth models and their needs and structures help and serve a few, and that again in the short term. We almost design them to be win-lose, and just too many are shown unreal and sometimes illegitimate dreams, and then kept away from them. Our sense of achievement comes often from having "risen above". We have a stronger and stronger awareness of what we're not getting – and we invent newer needs and mechanisms to keep defining "risen above", in the wake creating a feeling of restlessness and impotence in so many who, in the first place, couldn't really be bothered about those 'needs'.

Watch out, you may be starting fires today that you'll need to fight tomorrow.

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