Waterfront Villas : Marketing Irresponsible Aspirations

Saw an ad for some Waterfront or Lakefront Villas in Whitefield. There seems to be a massive artificial waterbody that ensures every house has a “lake view”. 


There are similar “luxury” projects promising private pools and the like.

And this in a city running out of water real rapidly.

The population this is being sold to is the richest, (probably) most educated and definitely should-be-responsible folks in town.  I’m hoping (against hope?) thats its natural rainwater they’re trapping – either directly or from a catchment area aurrounding the place. 

Fact is that we’re being sold the wrong dreams. Completely irresponsible, callous aspirations. Its focused too much on “what I can afford” and not “what we can afford”. And while one could argue for or against that, would you like a London-like situation where people force their way in to use the water that you’re flaunting? Is it even ok to use such humongous quantities for purely aesthetic purposes when there’s a dearth of water for basic human needs itself?  

Isn’t it time to make consumption – especially of scarce, community owned resources, and even of energy – decidedly uncool? I remember many many years ago, despite Jamshedpur hardly being water stressed – Tata Motors decided to uninstall bathtubs from all our homes in keeping with the idea of responsible water usage. Can Bangaloreans adopt a more responsible stance? 

Can our builders try and sell truly green spaces, better-than-average numbers for responsible water usage, reduction in the amount of waste we produce, and an overall healthier city  ? 

The fences and gates around your community are unlikely to help when we start running out of resources. (Oh, we’re already there…)

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