Fetish, or some potential productivity technique?

Like most people, I procrastinate. Often, whenever the thing I need to get done seems hard, or fuzzy, and the deadline isn't close enough, or the reward not immediate enough.??

I think we as a species are wired like that – save the energy to run hard/climb that tree for a possible crossing of paths with a predator rather than worry about making a shelter/planting a crop for a few months later. The fact that we still do a lot for the future – even goals years away – speaks a lot for our powers of imagination, projection and hope. Yet the imminent, the immediate often rules.

Yet, one thing I've noticed at a personal level is the uncommon, and compelling desire to not leave a dirty kitchen behind. I make tea first thing in the morning, come what may, and the sight of a clean kitchen as I walk in to make it soothes me – or perhaps the thought of seeing pending work there first thing in the morning is painful enough. I like my mornings slow, relaxed before the rush of thoughts for the rest of the day/week/life come pouring in all over again. And a clean kitchen somehow helps keep it that way.

It doesn't matter how tired, or sleepy I am at night, or how much pending work there is to wrap up. This is almost a fetish.??

I only wish this would happen to other things I need to do in life. There are so many kitchens that always need cleaning, and so many dishes that need doing. I wish I could conjure up the strong need to "get done" and dream up un/tangible rewards for all of these.

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