I’m Ready To Join Politics

Its true that change is best brought around from the inside. And India, culturally, is not given to revolution but to evolution – and thats a good thing.

But I need a political outfit that can promise me the following:

  1. The right to speak my mind. Especially when I disagree with them.
  2. An RTI like policy that the outfit responds quickly and transparently to – no fine print – whenever a member or any citizen asks a question. Add a 100/- donation to the party if you feel like with the form.
  3. A career ladder, including a decent growth path, for careerist politicians. Well laid out and transparent.
  4. Transparent sources of funding, audited accounts.
  5. One person one post.
  6. Publicly shared constitution, auditable mechanisms and processes for citizen involvement, decision making and supporting/opposing policies or legislation based on issues.
  7. Openly decided/debated list of candidates with internal elections, representation and debates. Details of decision making available through the RTI like mechanism above.
  8. Every candidate/office bearer/party member should respond to queries about personal assets, stand on issues etc if asked, esp through the RTI like mechanism.

And then, sure – count me in!




  1. Sagar Vibhute

    Hmm.Isn’t it possible that a lot of political parties began likewise i.e. with good intentions? In the continuous game of one-upmanship going on for the past 60-65 years – maybe hundreds, India had governance and politics even in the 1600s – society as a whole has lost focus on the core goals of governance.

  2. Meghana Lad

    I agree with Sagar… many began with good intentions. Successful stories in the past years have been mostly despite the "system" not because of the system. Individual and private effort might have been slow but has paid off. Would developing and encouraging self-sufficient communities (of 150-200 as the optimum number for human interaction) be effective?

  3. Anonymous

    Thats a good thought – and very probable too. Yes – the solutions have to be local, within small communities and with a strong emphasis on self sufficiency. Having said that – reform at a political level is a very basic need right now.

  4. Anonymous

    There was a group of IITians who started a political party a few years back. Was pretty much in the news. Probably you can check them out to see what they are doing, cause the other parties are just not going to cut it.

  5. Anonymous

    Found something interesting through someone who passed this on: http://freedomteam.in/blog/code-of-conduct

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