On the Ethical Scale

Adding fake costs in a large infrastructure project.

Recommending unneeded tests and surgery to patients who just need medication.

Tricking the customer into buying that extra cheese slice with the burger with a “Do you want one slice or two?”

Operating on people for frivolous reasons and steaing their kidneys.

Cartelizing to jack up prices for whatever you are selling.

Throwing the rule book and patents to be able to sell your drugs at 5x the cost.

Bloating a T&M project estimate from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Hidden charges with this, that and everything else.

Moving in to make money off reconstructing a country you helped/caused bombed to smithereens.


Its all the same, no? 



  1. Anonymous

    Yes. It is quite galling that the people we should be trusting are the ones who take us for a ride. Ethics take secondary or maybe nth level role to money in today’s world. And where a person is working ethically, many people will be incredulous about it all.

  2. KailasShastry

    Everyone is ripping off everyone else. It’s twisted.A developer or designer or writer, in unsaid (sometimes., said!) agreement with the project manager quoting 3x man days to do a particular job than what the job actually requires, is also guilty of being unethical(and borderline criminal).Let’s not even start off on the various tax saving receipts that people generate…

  3. itsmeritesh

    I don’t think they are all equal when it comes to moving the moral scale. There are some that cause harm directly to the person involved. Murder for example is the worst form of immoral behavior. Upselling a second slice of cheese pales in comparison. Let me list some item/acts that are immoral but most people fail to see the fallacy in their argument for it. – Fairness creams which show fairer people being more successful- Copying movies/music from a friends hard disk- All the religious mumbo jumbo that sells like Nazar Suraksha Kavach and the different yantra’s.- Alternative medicine and healing that have no scientific basis but still survive on faith and placebo. I wrote an article talking about plagiarism in the digital age and taking the moral high ground. Read it when you have time: http://riteshnayak.com/personal/2010/08/plagiarism-in-the-digital-age/

  4. Anonymous

    Perhaps not from the impact pov, but the same thought process and pattern of justification is used by the perpetrators of any of those.

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