Each time your real estate yields more, or a technology investment helps cut costs, or you figure out an alternative source to source cheaper, remember its very often a win-lose game, and you’re standing a little taller on someone’s shoulders.

Keep in mind the reason the entire cycle of economy works (should work?) within the scope of society. Its aim was never to maximize a few variables for a few, but provide a good distribution across multiple variables for many.

The store next door shut because it couldn’t afford the rentals anymore, not because it ran out of customers. Another store that had employed 7 earlier now makes do with 3, and worse service, again thanks to rentals. A whole set of professions suffers despite better education, skills, productivity, service levels, more demand because there’s automation and laxer rules to keep profitability high for industry to maximize return on capital.

Some might say I’m turning socialist in thought, but its merely a reaction. And ironically, its happening as I get more into business.


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