Imagining 2048

I’ve been reading, learning, worrying a lot – as a quick read of my blog will give away quite easily.

But what’s the way forward? Is it hopeless? How do we adapt now, and change how we think and act, so we’re a little less shocked, a little less unprepared for 2048? (Why 2048? – like I said in the last post – “2048, I’d say, is the new doomsday. In less dramatic ways but figuratively, yes. I’ll probably die before that but in a terrible state of mind.”)

There are a whole lot of interconnected things to consider.


Education and learning/teaching


Economics and jobs and livelihoods

The Monetary System

Leisure, entertainment and travel


Knowledge, books, reading



Healthcare and healing

Food, agriculture


Clothing, hygiene, vanity


Politics, crime, policing, social order

Growth and developement


Its staggering, and I’m incapable, perplexed, almost illiterate. The only thing I have on my side now is that I’m aware, and I’m ready to change. But we need more heads, more ideas, more thoughts, more action than I can even imagine.

Have created a Facebook page to try and start some discussions around not only the problems and likely scenarios, but our reactions and possible solutions. If you’re keen – I urge you to help out.

I have also signed up to speak at The Goa Project where I hope to spark a few bright minds in this direction. I have no wish to control or own the agenda – but just want the smart ones solving these problems as well cause issues around the basics are about to hit us – all.

We really really owe our kids at least an attempt from our end.


One comment

  1. Don’t worry, once the shit hits the ceiling fan, people will react

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