Numbers That Rule Us. And those that matter.

The Monthly One

The stock market index

The valuation of the company, or at least our equity in it

The price of the commodity we’re intending to buy, or sell

The discount percentage

^ These Rule!



Per Capita Income

Poverty Indices


Climate change stats

Resource constraints

Crime graphs

Nutrition levels and quality. Nationwide, and at home!

And suchlike

^ These get some lip service, some outrage, and no more


Time spent with our families

Our individual, personal footprint (and its impact)

The number of people we mattered to today

Our personal growth of knowledge and understanding

Levels of satisfaction, happiness, peace

Our personal investment into the society around us, both time and money

These we seldom think of or measure and don’t really do anything about


Which do you think make the biggest difference to your life?

Are we living per an absurdly inverted set of priorities?



  1. The sad part is abstractions cannot be measured, they are made to be romanticized. Something that is beyond logic, can never be understood by logic. It is for the same reason that most algorithm designers/programmers are atheist.

    I understand the intent of the article is to lay stress on the basic human activities, which we ignore day in and day out. But those are not quantifiable terms. The flaw in the article IMHO is what can’t be messured should not be measured. HSAT I do agree, those need our focus.

  2. sameershisodia

    ^ Well, there are ways of “measuring” everything we find important. Money itself is an abstraction, and that rules, doesn’t it? And there are nations measuring Gross National Happiness. Yep – its about what out focus is on.

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