Control + Convenience = Debt

From the day we’re born

We seek control.


Over variables around us that threaten us with loss, harm, even death.

Then over those that can cause us grief, even temporary.

Then those that take away our happiness.

Real or perceived.

Or even just reduce it a little bit.

Sometimes over variables that let others become happier. Or richer.

Cause a lot of who we are is relative.

And definitely over what we imagine is convenience.


Each decision that let’s us do this ends up in a loan, a debt.


And each time, we iterate over the controls and conveniences secured already.

(However fragile or imaginary that security is)

And secure more, control more, and seek to rearrange and reorder the planet, the people, the actions around us

To chase and hunt down that last fear that arose as the previous one was tamed.


And the debt adds up.


Someday, somehow, someone will have to pay. Each little loan.

So as you chase your fears, and seek to control, remember that debt.


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