We the I

We readily accept, and perpetuate, hate.

We justify tags.

We explain poverty and deal with those at the other end through rationalizations, not empathy.

We suspect everyone and everything destroying the assumption, need and acceptability of being good and reliable.

We trade the trust of forever for the security of now.

We want a sensitive society and harsh laws.

We want to ensure foolproof systems so people have no role to play.

We dehumanize people with words, actions, intent all the time.

We are uncomfortable dealing with human beings except transactionally. Nicely transactionally, of course.

We want them to play nice too.

Inside a well designed, foolproof system. Where humans have little role to play.

Relationships exist only on Facebook. And close family. Sometimes. Preferably compatible ones.

We see demons. We call them so, in many different allusions.

We want them on a leash, at least.


And we’re shocked by inhuman brutality.


Oh! The horror!


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