Best Price Guaranteed

“Best Price Guaranteed”


For whom? For the folks working in there, struggling to keep up with rising costs around them in the city, and pressure on their salaries thanks to cost pressures? For those cut down to a team third the size still pushing the same volumes out of a large retail store? For drivers losing out on sleep and sometimes driving dangerously thanks to this? For those trying to create valuable, small niches that are richer than the bland sameness of the mass produced, or easy common denominator? For the producer of real goods and services that take effort, time and risk to produce? For small entrepreneurs continually feeling margin pressures and the heat/guilt of not being able to be fair to employees, whom they used to have a relationship with?

Or are we so used to standing taller on others’ shoulders that “the customer is king” becomes justification for everything? Built with fake money, fake valuations and the contrived chase for the “best value” however, and for whoever that is defined?

Whatever happened to “fair”?


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