Introspection. Blame’s Easy.

We find victims – preferably human or human-derivative ones – easily. Politicians. Nestle. Builders. Union Carbide. Government officers and bureaucrats. A new one every other day.

The fact is that the symptoms we see are for deeper problems – and these are mere actors playing roles. Not to say they are not culpable, but they’re as much a victim as they’re a perpetrator – trying to play the game we’ve collectively decided to play. A game that’s finally causing these issues.

Do we have it in us to question the game itself? Can we stop applying “a nice coat of paint” if we care about lead? Can we stop using pesticides and fertilizer so liberally, even if it means reduced yields for a bit? Can we stop driving unless there’s no option – it’s actually killing thousands on a regular basis – and not just amongst human beings.

We’ve become slave to the fluffy trivial – “convenience”, “safety” (interpreted ever more narrowly) and “pleasure”. We need nuclear power for rechargeable tools to cut down forests or play more games.

Do we have it in us to introspect, to change?

Or will we keep telling ourselves that guy was to blame – but for that all is well….?


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